LNS, founded in 2005, has grown from a single cart manufacturer to a company that now manufactures various carrier vehicles. Electric driving systems are the core of LNS. The system generates no exhaust and does not require much maintenance work.

LNS Co., Ltd., after developing an electric carrier for salt ponds in 2005, has now grown into a premium power electric carrier manufacturer with competitive technology. LNS has been developing carriers for specialized purposes required by various industries such as agriculture, livestock, and fishing, and our product quality has also been recognized since the development of our salt pond electric carriers.


The goal and vision of LNS is to enable farmers into realizing their thoughts and needs on to the carrier, as well as being able to use the carriers themselves. LNS will provide the best quality and service as a reliable partner for farmers based on our unique technology and experience so that they may improve the value of their work in the workplace.

Patents & Certificates

“ We shall work with you, in heigthening your value. ”